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Prototype House at Camosun College

Grace had a unique opportunity to work for 2 days in the Camosun Innovates Trades Building on a prototype building using new framing methods.  Click here for an article by Camosun. 

The Anomura Housing Society and Clemson University teamed up to build a proof-of-concept housing structure to help towards the goal of building affordable housing: Flat pack shipping, minimal fasteners, and the ability to re-build it again after disassembly.  The following video illustrates the concept:

Time Lapse video of 2 Day build at Camosun

Fabricating right on site at Camosun – in the same room as the build.

Incredible machine that cuts with precision and no sawdust.

Computer calculates how to maximize the sheet of plywood for as little waste as possible.

Extra strong “jigsaw puzzle” joints.

Assemble tabs into slots, etc. using only a rubber mallet.

Follow instructions and drawings to put it all together.

Completed base.

Wall assembly set into place, and locked in under the subfloor with a “hook” joint.

Not your typical truss system!

2 days later, and the main structure is in place. At any given time, about 6 of us were actively working on the build.